Black Hills Campground – Wyatt's Campground


The most frequently asked questions regarding our campground:

  1. Do you have shade?
    Yes, 13 tree-covered acres in a beautiful river valley!

  2. Is the campground really quiet?
    Absolutely, we have a “mature” clientele who like to get their sleep. Some guests even bring their chileren or grand children to the rally. We have also chosen not to sell alcohol. Selling alcohol is very profitable, but we believe that would change the atmosphere. Alcohol is allowed, but our guests who have a drink are very respectful.

  3. Can we have a campfire?
    Yes, but only in our campfire rings. South Dakota does not allow firewood to be brought into the state, but we have plenty of firewood bundled up for you. The state also has the authority to ban all fires.

  4. Should we reserve a tent site?
    Yes, we only have 205 tent sites. The tent sites are sized according to the number of people in your group, (the bigger the group, the bigger the site). You can also $ave with our group discounts.

  5. A group of us are coming to tent camp, but we are not sure how many will be able to attend or for how many nights. We want to camp together. What can we do?
    As long as you have a prepaid tent camping reservation, you may add people or nights to that reservation as late as when you arrive. If you arrive with more people, you get a bigger site. Cash only at the gate.

  6. What will the weather be like?
    It can be 100 degrees during the day and it drops into the 60’s at night. It’s great for riding and for sleeping. Bring your leathers and your rain gear.

  7. Are there showers?
    YES! 16 private showers (free, not coin operated) with plenty of hot water. The wash house is a vey well kept facility with sinks, mirrors, toilets, electrical outlets, and a coin operated laundry.

  8. What should I bring?
    Towels, shampoo, soap, sunscreen, rain gear, and clear goggles are things that people often forget, but we have several stores a couple miles from camp where you can get what you need.

  9. Is there food available?
    Yes, we serve hot breakfast every morning during the Sturgis rally. (sausage, eggs and biscuits & gravy for only $6). We also have ice, pop, bottled water, firewood, and other camping supplies. We are only 2 1/2 miles outside of Belle Fourche (a town of 5000 people). Belle has restaurants, stores, and most anything you need.

  10. Do you sell alcohol?
    No, but we do allow alcohol on site.

  11. Can I ship my gear?
    Yes, your gear will be stored inside and we do not charge a handling or storage fee. We are not responsible for loss or damage.

  12. Are children welcome?
    Yes, we have a playground and a river. Children love it here and their parents (or grandparents) appreciate the family atmosphere.

  13. How far to the nearest convenience store?
    Wyatt’s Campground is only 2 &1/2 miles from Belle Fourche. (a town of 5,000 people with banks, stores, restaurants, etc.)

  14. Can I have visitors at my campsite?
    Yes, we have a $5 day pass that is good until 8pm (showers not included).

  15. Will our 65′ RV fit at Wyatt’s Campground?
    YES! Most of our sites are 75′ by 25′. Some are longer. We will guide you into your site when you arrive.

  16. Can we bring our pet?
    Yes, pets must be kept on a leash, must be cleaned up after, and must not be left unattended. No pitbulls.